161 - Push

Wed 31 Aug 1988
Mark Roddick

161 Push (from Animals muddy slope)

- handline down sandy slide (5m) to left of boulder-bridge/pile then line down 3m free climb. Under boulders to right & back under slope a slot to ~ 5m wet drop (from line)

- left and through boulder choke brings one into more rift, up & over a pile of boulders brings to top of long (~100m) boulder slope in rift.

- undescended pot (~5m) to left (coming in from aven indicating other cave joining). Ditto stream way 4m down.

- boulder floor turns into boulder bridge with holes dropping into rift below.

- traverse line bolted to chamber v.v.large 2.7 sec fall (free) to boulder slope floor ?

[sketch with annotation: draft noticeable in rift (~5m high, 3m wide)]

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161 pitches 1-4 rigging guide
[full page sketch]

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