164 - Monday 29th August

Mon 29 Aug 1988
Penny Reeves

_Hole_ _164_ - still no sign of previous exploration

Down to do the second half of the 2nd pitch - turned out not to need bolting, only a deviation (a bit of a close-to-the-rock/ prussick very gently one !) off a natural belay (the first solid feature found in the cave so far!). Pitch drops into a lowish cahmber, sloping downwards and full of choss (most of which seems to have come from the ceiling). This goes to a short bit of steeply sloping passage and ends in an undescended c 5m pitch into a chamber. A way on appears to go straight on, following the fault line. Another possible lead appears to go off on the right hand side of the chamber.

Time U/G 1½ hrs

[another elevation]

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