164 - Attempted derig + survey trip

Fri 02 Sep 1988
Hugh Salter

Penny twisted her ankle on the walk so Hugh went down solo to do as much surveying as possible and to derig (light rain on surface meanwhile turned to heavier rain....)

Went to the final chamber and identified where te main way on and the draught are - about 15m up the far wall. Pottered about looking at holes up climbs then realised that I could hear the second pitch - about 50m away so derigged 3rd pitch, went up to the bottom of the wet pitch, which was um, well, very wet. Decided to go for it, and got up, very wet, having been hit by a couple of boulders washed down the water, one of which caused me to lose my whistle. The interesting bit was passing a rebelay underwater. Then I went up the first pitch to find a rather releived Penny on the surface.

will return on a nice day to finish survey + derig.

N.B. Rain start to flood pulse time - 10 min.

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