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Handbook Troggle - Index

The number of different webpages describing troggle, configuring the server troggle runs on, maintaining the underlying Django system, current documentation, future design issues and historical decisions is all getting a bit voluminous. So we need a complete index:

git logo Troggle - Introduction - what it is
Troggle - initial training - start here for complete beginners
Troggle - the Users - Who needs to know What and When
Troggle - Surveys & Caves - Trips, surveys, explorers, sketches, data...
Troggle - Fixing things - users' manuals for data import
Troggle - Maintenance - list of maintenance tasks
Troggle - Architecture - diagrams, files, structure
Troggle - Data Model - syntax-coloured list of classes, instance variables and foreign keys
Troggle - What it does Badly - Design Decisions for the Future

Troggle laptop configuration - how to set up a software development machine
Troggle server configuration - how to get troggle running on a new machine (incomplete!)
Troggle - Data Import - reset and import data
Troggle and Django - The Django web framework we use
Troggle: updating Django - Upgrading troggle to use a later Django version
Troggle tests - test suite for programmers
Troggle & expo systems - status update - where we are now

Troggle Programmers's Notes - improving, updating, fixing, refactoring
Pre-Troggle Assumptions - list of assumptions
Archive Notes - old ideas and original discussions

Additional Scripts - non-django but important

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