CUCC Expedition Handbook

Other scripts

Current Scripts

There are also scripts running cron jobs on the server to fix file permissions and to periodically tidy repositories, and example rsync and scp scripts to help manage synchronisation of the expofiles directories which are not under version control.

Apart from these scripts, troggle in full deployment on the server also needs (at least)
- a mySQL database,
- a webserver such as apache
- a text seach utility such as xapian
- cgit to display git repos.

See the server configuration for the full list, or the smaller troggle dev setup for just core software development.

Old but maybe useful scripts

There were perl and python scripts scattered through the :drawings: and :loser: (svx files) repos. Not all of the functions in these scripts have been recreated in more recent scripts or programmed into troggle. The old scripts have been collected into /scripts or /noinfo in the :expoweb: repository.

Obsolete scripts

When you write a script

Any script that generates an HTML file should insert <meta name="keywords" content="NOEDIT"> in the HTML header. Then when troggle renders the page it will not allow the user to edit the generated page. See handbook editing for a fuller explanation of troggle post-processing.

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