CUCC Expedition Handbook

Troggle - Fixing things that break

The guide to the parser-model-view architecture is in the architecture document.

This page will describe the usual things that go wrong: the parsers that break when faced with user-generated data and how to fix them. Common error messages.

It concentrates on showing how to find and fix import errors so that the troggle-generated webpages are complete and not full of gaps.

Intended audience: Ideally someone who is not a python programmer will be able to use this page to help them fix import errors by re-editing the input files: survex, tunnel, or logbook.

These are the useful diagnostic detailed data pages for finding mis-matched files. This page will show you how to use these together to find data inconsistencies and to fix errors.
git logo statistics - survey legs and distances for each expo
all data one cave - all the survex data for one cave and who was on each trip
per-person caving - list of logbook trips and surveys for one person
people - who caved when and how much did they survey
logbook entry - who, where and what
survey_scans - all wallets of scanned surveys and corresponding survex files
per-wallet links - links to scan files and survex files from one wallet
dwgfiles - all the tunnel & therion drawings and the wallets and scanned images they derive from

Data issues - where the data import errors and warnings are recorded

Configuration aids when setting up on a new machine (move to main manual):
pathsreport - debugging aid

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