CUCC Expedition Handbook

Pre-Troggle Assumptions

Assumptions and starting points

  1. Let's not try to design a generic catalogue for storing all kind of data about caves of the whole world, intended for every kind of user (sports, exploration, science).
  2. Let's try make it available for the layman, but still well-playable for the geeks.
  3. Let's rely on already existing, popular technologies.
  4. Let's keep it open source and multiplatform.
  5. Let's try not to reinvent the wheel.
  6. Let's not assume everyone has an Internet connection while working with their data.
  7. Let's version-control as much as possible.
  8. Let's support i18n - let's use UTF-8 everywhere and cater for data in many languages(entrance names, cave descriptions, location descriptions etc.)

These are taken from a two page preliminary design document for 'caca' (Cave Catalogue) rev.2 2013-07-26 by Wookey (copied from

Troggle diverges markedly from these ideals in both design and in actual use.

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