Recent updates to the archive

This archive is constantly being updated as the current year's work is integrated into the whole, and as "catching up" on old documentation proceeds. This page is to tell you what's been changed or added recently. Only significant changes are recorded - there are too many minor updates to links, typos and the like to list here. The change log only started in March 1996, and largely stopped being maintained after 2005 as we relied on the VCS for such logging.

(Initials: AERW - Andy Waddington; W - Wookey; MRS - Mark Shinwell; MJG - Martin Green; DL - David Loeffler); JT - Julian Todd; AC - Aaron Curtis; AZ - Aiora Zabala

2011 AZ
Website CSS given major makeover
2011.09 JT/W
Expo updates synced to website
2011.04 W/MJG
Troggle properly integrated with website
2009.04 W
Migration to seagrass completed, with troggle integration
2008.08 JT/W
Website migrated to mercurial and seagrass server
Plenty of updates occured regarding expo 06, 07 and 08 - they just weren't recorded here!
Added 2004 Callout Book.
2005.05.26 DL
Checked in Becka's description of the Subsoil level in 204. QMs in this, the survey, and the original descriptions have been correlated as far as possible (which is most of it except Stoneware and Earthenware III, and parts of Fat Worm where there isn't any data to correlate).
2005.05.17 DL
Yet again updating this site becomes my preferred revision-avoidance strategy. Added a table listing length, depth and extent of all the caves we have data for in the dataset. Other miscellaneous updates: entrance photos and surveys for various recent minor finds; rigging guide for Gaffered to the Walls series in 204.
2004.10.13 DL
Finally finished transcribing 2004 Logbook.
2004.09.19 DL
After an interval of several years it is again possible to obtain survey data from this site. At present only the caves we are currently exploring have survey data publically available (Steinbrückenhöhle, Hauchhöhle, and Eislufthöhle – look at the bottom of the description pages), but it is planned to include more in the near future. (CUCC users knowing the password may naturally access the entire dataset as a .3d file or as a .tar.gz archive of .svx files; this includes data contributed by ARGE and other organisations which we are not in a position to freely redistribute.)
2004.08.20 MRS
Merged in everything from Expo 2004. Currently this is very short on descriptions as these haven't yet been written.
2004.04.23 DL
General update, occasioned by having nothing else to do except revision. Updated Expedition Handbook to reflect current practice in tagging of new caves, entering survey data, etc. Changed lots of pages so they validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict. Applied Mark's funky CSS stylesheet to whole site. Also resurrected this updates page by grovelling through the last three years' CVS logs.
2004.04.19 DL
Ran a link checker on the site, which found all sorts of errors. Corrected the easy ones! Lots of stuff still broken, particularly in Eishöhle description.
2004.03.07 DL
Added a bunch of rigging guides for the deep stuff in 204.
2004.01.21 DL
Added 2003 logbook (no pictures yet).
2004.01.12 DL
Updated Expo members list again. Added Mike Cox and Wayne Sheldon (2001), who I had been unaware of the existence of but who appear in *team directives in files in the dataset. Also edited the HTML rather (there were no </tr> tags).
2003.09.24 DL
Updated Expo members list to include 2003 participants.
2003.07.04 AERW
Added 1996 + 1997 expo reports from TeX version of CU 1999
2003.05.05 W
tcamps.htm Updated and corrected bivi descriptions
2003.04.12 DL
Added some approximation to the personnel list from 2001 and 2002 to the table of Expo members
2003.01.30 DL
dplong.htm - Updated Deep + Long Caves list. I had been worrying about this, as I haven't found any up-to-date data on deep caves outside the world's top 150, so I didn't want to delete the older but more comprehensive data. Then I realised it was demonstrably crap, as it labelled two different caves as the world's 320th deep (Eislufthohle and another one somewhere). So out it went. Unfortunately we are only in this list once now that the entry for KH is subsumed into Stellerweg.
2003.01.20 DL
Added a statement of goals for 2003, and updated Expedition Primer to link to those rather than the objectives from several years ago.
2002.12.10 MRS
Updated 204 pages with descriptions from Expo 2002.
2002.07.14 MJG
Added 2002 survey of 204.
2002.05.26 MRS
Major update of 204 stuff, and related pages.
2002.05.15 W
Added 2001 log book. Updated Fixed Aids List for Eishöhle. Added 2002 index and goals page. Entered caves listed in the back of 1998, 1999, 2001 logbooks.