Fixed aids in CUCC caves

NONE of this is up to date ! - possibly dates from 2006

At various points of the cave, passages have been reached by climbs up which would have to be repeated unless a rope was left on from year to year. A few pitches were explored from the top, but form potentially important routes of access when approached from below - for instance the bottom of the Left Hand Routes in Kaninchenhöhle can be reached without rigging many pitches by means of two short up-pitches in Ambidextrous. Such permanently rigged verticals are mentioned in the descriptions, but are also gathered together here to help those needing to keep track of and maintain these ropes.

As an area may not be visited for some years, it is important to keep a record of when a rope was last changed or inspected, so that some idea may be formed of its likely state. There are currently around 700m of ropes in various places, as much as twenty-five years old, and in place for up to 25 years. Current thinking is that if static ropes are not subject to disturbance causing abrasion (eg. by flowing water) or rockfall, they probably deteriorate a lot more slowly in the cave than in the tackle store. We have successfully use ropes left in the cave for 15 years without mishap (3-wise men traverse, left 1994, returned 2009).

In all these cases, it is the users' responsibility to convince himself of the safety of the rope before using it. If in any doubt, take climbing and protection gear (dynamic rope) and repeat the climb, or use dynamic rope to protect the first person on a traverse and replace the fixed rope.

CUCC expeditions have placed these ropes for their own use, often not expecting them to remain in place for more than a year or two. Neither CUCC nor any individual expedition member, past or present, makes any representation as to the safety of this equipment, nor can be held in any way responsible for any mishap arising from its use!

Fixed aids in Tunnockschacht

Fixed aids in Gemsehöhle

locationlengthdiameterrope vintage year left riggedhangersother info
kraken pitch ?100m?10mm?201410+
inferno pitches ?120m?9mm?2014113 slings, 2 crabs

Fixed aids in Steinbrückenhöhle

locationlengthdiameterrope vintage year left riggedhangersother info
Climb at the NE end of China ?20m?10mm?20132
locationlengthdiameterrope vintage year left riggedhangersother info
Traverse up into Chocolate Salty Balls from Cave Tree Chamber ?15m?10mm?19972001?4
Upclimb midway along Choc Salty Balls ?10m?10mm?199920010
Ascent into Cresta Run from Swings + Roundabouts ?10m9mm200220043
Up-pitch into High Hopes 26m10mm (?)200320051 ring, 1 twist+MR
Climb in High Hopes 16m10mm20002005

Fixed aids in Kaninchenhöhle

locationlengthdiameterrope vintage year left riggedhangersother info
5m up into Ragnarök from Ambidextrous 10m19912
10m up into Time Dilation in Ambidextrous 21m (marked 39m)19912
Semi-detached 10m?19951
Yapate traverse line 8m10mm199119930
Staircase36 20m10mm19923
Strange Downfall 22m10mm198819933
Strange Acrossfall 32m11mm199219934 maybe removed in 1994?
Strange Upfall 45m11mm19924
Satan's Sitting Room traverse 45m?19924
3 Wise Men 64m10mm19939
Tinkle Rift about 12m9mm1991/219931
The Needle 27m10mm(?)198819932
Cowboy Caver 10m??19950
French Connection 27m19912
Down to Zombie Slime, up to Staud'nwirt Palace 30ftladdervery long tether Not usually left rigged
Moomintroll at [96-13]10m1997none
Bugger 1996?
Fear-on traverse ~40m19963(several naturals)
2nd 8m climb from Orchestral Pit ~20m19971
Traverse towards Footlights ~20m19972 + couple of tapesRemoved 1999
Footlights traverse 26m19977Removed 1999
Gods' traverse and pitch to Elin Algor ~100m1997many
3m climb in Tirolia Werke 5m19971

Fixed aids in Eishöhle

locationlengthdiameterrope vintage year left riggedhangersother info
climb up from 40e to top of SVH pitch40m ish ?11mm dynamic not recentunknownseveral VfHO's rope, may need to be dug out of ice
Up, Up pitchabout 12m  1999  
Hooked on Classics traverse23m9 mm199419991 old bend, 3 new bends, 3 twists, 2 rings, 1 bollard, 4 maillons 
18m climb after Hooked on classics20m?9 mm?20001 hanger 
Mission Impossible climb from SVH?m? mm?2001 or 2002~3 hangers 
Too Across pendule30-50m?? mm?2001~6 hangers 
Up pitch in Gnivac Rift20-40m?? mm?2001~4 hangers