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Kaninchenhöhle Picture gallery
Steinschlagschacht (1623/136) - the 1997 route to Forbidden Land

All these pictures are linked to appropriate pages of the cave description, but are also gathered together here for a visual tour of Steinschlagschacht. Clicking on an image will take you to a bigger version with descriptive caption and links back to web pages relevant to that picture.

Photo - 58k Photo - 57k

Steinschlagschacht entrance

Inside entrance

The Boulder slope inside the entrance threatened the first pitch severely when first explored in 1983, but more modern rigging in 1997 has largely avoided this hazard.

Photo - 38kFirst Pitch

Photo - 55k Second Pitch Photo - 60k

Photo - 21kEyehole & Theatre pitches Photo - 38k

Gods' Traverse towards Kaninchenhöhle Photo - 48k

1999's Major find: Chile

Photo - 49k Oatso Simple Photo - 97k

The Right Hand Route - from 161a
The "new" (1995-7) cave from 161d
The Lost World and Wheelchair Access series (off Triassic Park)