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Kaninchenhöhle Picture gallery
The "new" (1995-6) cave from 161d

All these pictures are linked to appropriate pages of the cave description, but are also gathered together here for a visual tour of Kaninchenhöhle. Clicking on an image will take you to a bigger version with descriptive caption and links back to web pages relevant to that picture.

Photo - 73k Photo - 43k Photo - 79k
Scarface entrance Shortage of Walls

The 161d (Scarface) entrance reaches major passage at Shortage of Walls. Left here goes towards the bottom of France (from the 161b and 161c entrances), the original route of discovery:

Salt Lake City Portrait - 59k Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Landscape - 35k

Zombie Slime pic - 40k Zombie Slime    Brownie's Cunt  Photo - 59k

Right at Shortage of Walls is the major palæotrunk of Triassic Park

Photo - 69k  Triassic Park  Photo - 81k

1996 finds include the climb up at the end of Triassic Park

Bugger  Photo - 84k Fear-On traverse  Photo - 68k

An obvious open passage from Triassic Park leads to the extensive horizontal passages of Puerile Humour and Iceland, with two more new entrances.

Photo - 61k
Puerile Humour Series

Photo - 42k
Andrew Ketley at Penguin Falls

Photo - 12k
Andrew Ketley in Puerile Humour

Photo - 42k
Julian Todd in Iceland

The Right Hand Route - from 161a
The Lost World and Wheelchair Access series (off Triassic Park)
The Steinschlagschacht (1623/136) route (1997)