Plateau - Surveying Little Tent and Gollum Grotto

Wed 19 Jul 2023
Ashley Gregg

Deciding we weren’t done for the day yet an afternoon evening trip was decided upon to survey some of the caves Evelyn and I had found a few days ago. Will and I gathered the necessary gear and set off towards Balcony.

Upon trying to re-find the triangular rock arch from a cave before, I led us slightly too far to the south to find another arch -this was only a metre long so not a cave. However we then found a new cave. 20 or so metres of horizontal development with a crawl also linking in the side. We explored and surveyed this cave (2023-ASH-17) which Will named Gollum Grotto.

We then found the triangular arch I had been looking for originally. Surveyed this short cave (2023-ASH-07) and named it Little Tent. The cave is very short with the addition of a climb down through boulders, but this doesn’t go anywhere.

With the threat of thunderstorms, we headed back, making it back in time to then watch some lightning off on the edges of the plateau. Plus curry for dinner.

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