2023-ASH-15, 2023-ASH-16 - Prospecting – dropping Boring Hole and Dead on Arrival

Wed 19 Jul 2023
Ashley Gregg

Took Zac to bolt a cave he had previously found not too far of the path to Fishface. Slight delay as we’d forgotten something important (bolts maybe?), which Will went back to get.

One bolt wonder dropped over a tackle-sack rope protector 5m to a snow slope. Cave then crapped out. Zac named it Boring hole (2023-ASH-16). Surveyd and then de-rigged.

Found another cave just over an escarpment, a large rift in the ground. Excellent opportunity for Will to learn/practice bolting so he set to gardening, before installing a y-hang. At the bottom of the rift the were no continuations. Will named it Dead on Arrival (2023-ASH-15). Surveyed and then de-rigged.

Headed back to Top camp for noodles.

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