Plateau - Surveying Top Camp Band and Bat versus Rat

Thu 20 Jul 2023
Ashley Gregg

Decided to go and survey/kill a couple more caves before heading down off the plateau for the year. Aware that I would have a lot of data to sort out and vague plans to go canyoning Friday before the dinner, this needed to be an efficient trip. Las as is always the case with caving we didn’t get down to the car park until around 5pm.

The caves we surveyed near Balcony, Evelyn and I had previously found a couple days ago, 2023-ASH-08 and 2023-ASH-09 now correspondingly named Top Camp Band and Bat versus Rat by Tom. They are both quite short with horizontal routes in. Top Camp Band was the more extensive of the two, with a second entrance consisting of a tight 10m high aven down to the main chamber, which a crawl leads back to the first entrance. Good opportunity for Tom to have more practice on book (paperless).

It was then back to top camp to pack up everything to then walk down.

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