Fishface – Kresh connection confusion

Mon 17 Jul 2023
Ashley Gregg

Joel had discovered an exciting new cave, unfortunately this left us with rope and a lead down in the Fish face – happy butterfly connection which no-one was going to. I was naively convinced to go and look at this lead which needed another y-hang to drop into potential new stuff. Looking at the survey didn’t reveal much information, and none of our group had been here before which wasn’t ideal.

We set off and made our way down the cave, through the rifts until reaching the end of the previous rigging without much difficulty. I rigged the last y-hang and this dropped down to traverse rigged with a mixture of hilti’s and through-bolts above a large hole, with a boulder wedged across the middle. (We later found out this is the ff-hb connection). Ill prepared and confused by the mixture of different paint/survey stations and assortment of rigging options, we decided to traverse up into some side passages and explore round. Half this had been surveyed, but it was unclear what hadn’t so we re-surveyed a large loop – kreshconnectionconfusion. It turned out half of this hadn’t been surveyed so was somewhat worthwhile on an otherwise pointless trip.

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