Prospecting - Much prospecting near Balcony

Sun 16 Jul 2023
Ashley Gregg

Deciding I wanted to go prospecting but didn’t particularly want to walk back over to garlic cave, so recruited Evelyn, our resident non-caver to go wander around near balcony. Armed with known cave entrances on OSMand plus the cave/plateau overlay developed by Martin, we set off. The path to Balcony is more pleasant than the one to Fish with plenty of cairns meaning we were soon there.

We ambled around on the plateau finding several caves of interest and recording photos and gps points. We generally followed a loop, heading East then North, then West, then South, then East again ending up back near Balcony. Recorded 10 new caves. When heading back to Top camp we detoured through the bunder up to the top of Niederes Augst-Eck, bushwhacking around and eventually making our way back. This did not yield any new caves.

The following caves were found. All entrance details (description and photos) are now on website:

  • 2023-ASH-05a 47.69577N 13.82630E 1916m
  • 2023-ASH-05b 47.69571N 13.82636E 1916m
  • 2023-ASH-06 47.69582N 13.82640E 1916m
  • 2023-ASH-07 47.69649N 13.82678E 1926m
  • 2023-ASH-08a 47.69671N 13.82719E 1935m
  • 2023-ASH-08b 47.69673N 13.82723E 1935m
  • 2023-ASH-09 47.69699N 13.82776E 1938m
  • 2023-ASH-10 47.69845N 13.82528E 1941m
  • 2023-ASH-11 47.69863N 13.82550E 1941m
  • 2023-ASH-12 47.69773N 13.82347E 1916m
  • 2023-ASH-13 47.69733N 13.82426E 1910m
  • 2023-ASH-14 47.69734N 13.82444E 1910m

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