festering - Via Ferrata "Panorama Kletterstieg Sisi"

Thu 13 Jul 2023
Honorata Bogusz

We went on a via ferrata located close to the Loseralm parking lot. The via ferrata route is graded D. Car is best parked on the side of the toll road, below the parking lot, next to a big pile of rocks. Getting to the start of the via ferrata requires a short (200m ?) hike up on steep terrain with many small loose boulders, which make the hike anoying.

The via ferrata route goes up the mountain (it's vertical) and it is very exposed. It requires using the upper body quite a lot and does not have many aids besides the metal wire. The route ends next to a metal cross at the peak of the mountain. One hikes down to get to the car. The description says that the via ferrata takes between 1 and 2 hours but it took us 50 minutes, with a 5 min photo break in the middle.

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