Fishface - Kresh Konnection exploring and rerigging

Tue 11 Jul 2023

The day started fairly quick and we arrived at the Fishface entrance at 10:30am, making our way underground by 11. Joel and Lizzy went around to re-bolt the first pitch in the connection with me and Merryn following after to measure and record rigging diagrams. Due to an odd mixture of rope the first 9m pitch ended up being rigged with a rope from 1999… As we went on Joel and Merryn rerigged P4 and P5 with separate ropes to free up the 50m currently being used so we could bring the 50m down to where we were planning to push. During this time Joel rearranged the ropes and went back to remove the 1999 rope and replace it with an in-date rope. Essentially a good few hours were spent rearranging ropes, during which time me and Lizzy took a nap in a shelter at the bottom of P5. For the rest of the trip we actually ended up dropping to the bottom of the second rebelay of the Kresh Konnection pitch (P6) and started with a 20m(ish) passage we called Electric Toothbrush after being woken up at 7am that morning by Becka’s electric toothbrush. After a small climb up and down the passage finished with a waterfall. We named the waterfall “Turd Rock Falls” after a suspicious-looking rock at the bottom. Finally, we all took a quick wee in the rift, which had a small streamway below. Thus Wee Wee Rift was born. All in all a very enjoyable trip with rope left in place for people looking for shallow pushing.

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