1623-323 - Dropping Amphitheater Hoehle

Tue 11 Jul 2023
Honorata Bogusz

The Amphitheater Hoehle is named after its entrance which resembles an amphitheather. There are a couple of meters of an easy climb from the very top to the boulder where we started rigging. Rigging starts with an approx. 5-6m down climb, where we put a handline. It's followed by a traverse (10m ?) above the entrance to the first pitch. We rigged a Y-hang at the end of the traverse.

The first pitch is at least 20m deep and ends on a wide ledge filled with snow. The pitch goes a bit across, resulting in us putting 2 deviations on the way down. Beyond the ledge, there is a short (5m ?) traverse which leads to the second pitch.

We surveyed the cave to the end of that traverse with a few splays directed at the pitch below. Ash bolted the second pitch halfway down while Radost and I were surveying. The second pitch is slabby, drippy, and has ice patches on the sides. A stoney bridge lies underneath the traverse that leads to the second pitch. In total, we surveyed 70m of Amphitheather Hoehle on that trip.

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