Balkon - Rescuing Balcony ropes

Mon 03 Jul 2023
Harry Kettle

A crack team of expo's hardest cavers was assembled to take a rope out of balcony that was left there last year.

Harry rigged the entrance handline off two bunda. Then continued rigging the rest of the entrance series. ROute finding was fine and we soon arrived at a very large quantity of rope. Chi, Janis, Emma headed out with the bags. Charlotte derigged.

Chi forgot to bring a bag so over 100m of rope had to be flaked at every ledge.

Tried jumping on big boulder on second pitch of entrance series but it wouldn't budge.

Derigging pair got out about 9.30pm as faff had led to getting into the cave at about 5pm. Charlotte and Harry were both very grumpy walking back with very heavy bags and returned to top camp at 11pm.

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