Expo - UK Caving Blog post 4

Mon 03 Jul 2023
Honorata Bogusz

Blog Author: honorata

Progress after the first 3 days of expo

July 3rd

More cavers had arrived and most went to top camp. Harry, Janis, Emma, Chi, and Charlotte went to Balkonhöhle for a derig (& succeeded). Me (Honorata), Radost, Mike, Jana, and Will set up the main tarp (took much more faffing than expected) and the second water collection tarp. Jonty, Mealy, and Emily went to Fishface to shovel snow out of the entrance (done!). Most people stayed at top camp for the night, except for me, Radost, and Jana who hiked down late in the evening.


Meanwhile, the new shiny rope that we got from the sponsors (thank you!) was washed in the river at base camp.


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