Balkonhöhle - NOTHING TO SEE

Wed 10 Aug 2022
Frank Tully

Quick trip into Balkon HiltiAPlenty, nowhere, Headed in and lifted the rigging kit from ‘top of ‘bat country’ to ‘lets be appalling’, so that we could rig across the traverse into nowhere. Rigging down the small pitch is a bit rubby an it hooks under a flake, it might be easier to rig it as a traverse towards the maze traverse.

Surveyed from the large boulder overlooking the pitch to the sandy climb down – dead battery run, so named because Christian tried to drop the pitch only to find the drill battery was flat, so went out to the Stone Bridge to get another battery and that was flat too… a 2018 story.

The rigging gear is stored at the top of the 40m pitch between ‘lets be appalling’ and ‘bat country’

Notes on leads left around here: (Before I head home) The ‘Suffolk by the sea’ survey went up the bed from the bottom of the ‘lets be appalling’ and ‘bat country’ 40m pitch. It stopped where a shaft came in probably from the QMA above, see survex.

The passage is very windy with the draft blowing down the bed. The upper ‘lets be appalling’ is believed choked? So the draught must be coming in from across the pitchy area.

Down from lower ‘Suffolk by the sea’ there is a traverse across a pitch which appears to already be on survex, however it appears the passage continues. Probably requires a few bolts.

The ‘bat country’ (martin’s traverse) has been de-rigged and the rope is at the bottom of the balcony pitch in bat country. We could cut the bottom of the rope and rig the pitch down into the unnamed passage which connects the top of ‘sloppy seconds’ and ‘Galactica’.

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