Balkonhöhle - Nothing to See (resurveying 2017's Shite)

Wed 10 Aug 2022
Kristian Brook

It was time for my penance. Adam Aldridge and I did such a shit job of surveying in 2017 that no survey was written up for half of Nothing to See. The purpose of this trip was to show this series to someone more competant to ensure it is further explored. It is heading to Bat Country - a T junction is encountered shortly before the pitchhead for tBat Country. Turn right at this T junction and a pit is encountered (left takes you to Bat Country). Traverse over the pit and drop a small pitch. Way on is true right. True left is a view of a lower passage that conencts to Bat Country; there is a hole in the floor that has potential to be dropped. Way on leads to GalactiRamp. GalactiRamp was dropped in 2017, and links to GalactiShaft. Exposed traverse around GalactiRamp leads to a 4 way junction. levft is an exposed traverse to GalactiShaft MAze. Right is a passage that soon ends with a too tight rift in the right. Straight on drops into a chamber with a pit in the floor (unknown if this has been dropped). Beyond chamber, a passage leads on and a passage to the left leads to Galacti-cock, a 200m (estimate) shaft dropping to Galactica. Carry on the passage to a T Junction. Right leads to Dead Battery Run a blind pit that has two leads from the top, a QMB and QMC. Left goes down into a Fucking Maze with leads A-Fucking-Galore and will be a treat to survey on a future trip.

Back to the entrance pitch there is a [] in the left of the high level which leads tothe GalactiShaft to maze series. I'm gonna have to survey that.

There is a load fo work still to do in this area so revisit will be done. Notable events of the trips were that K Brook's rigging is amazing and Rebelays are NOT TOO TIGHT. If you weigh less than 7 stone, you C rig, and the double stop method is optimal. Insert scan of rigging guide !!!

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