Plateau - Prospecting - NS-01, NS-13, NS-14

Tue 16 Aug 2022
Kristian Brook

I was fucked and coming down from cave-allergy. Alex had arrived at expo the night before so determined to get me out of my funk. After a quick shop for food and water we set off up the hill, Alex carrying all his gear and me and Tobias carrying a fuck ton of water as top camp was running low on water. I was personally carrying 17 litres. Arriving at camp we found the water situation was not as dire as predicted so that was a waste of single use plastics.

Camp sorted we set off to look at some orphaned caves, wrecking as much of the plateau as we go. Heading to the area of NS caves aiming to look at NS-01, NS-13 and NS-14.

[Ed. It is unclear which caves he means. The only caves like this we have on record are 2012-NS-01, 2012-NS-13 and 2012-NS-14. 2012-NS-13 is 292, which matches Wookey's log entry. ]

NS-01 was found amongst a series of shafts on the side of a rubble-filled valley. This entrance is a free climb down to a couple of passages that link the shafts in the area. No clear way on.

NS-13 was upon a lump above the valley and simply a tube that led through a rocky outcrop. NS-15 was looked at but Wookey and Dinny had already done this.

NS-14 was the last call of the day and appeared on the website as a dummy tag for March of the Penguins [Julian & Noel's prospecting *above* march of the penguins discovered 2012-NS-14 "Surface prospecting above March of the Penguins" in 2012]. This it was not [not what?] and it was a rift leading to a small hole. A rock drop revealed that this hole was very deep and a visit was needed with a rope as we saw no sign of a previous drop. [ Ed. Examination of K's photos of the tag show that this was almost certainly 2014-NP-01 not 2014-NS-14.]

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Becka's notes from tagging 2104-NP-01 in wallet 2014#14

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