Fischgesicht - Hug the plug and tasteful noods

Fri 05 Aug 2022
Joel Stobbart

Surveying and pushing shallow leads (no deeper than top of 3rd pitch)

We went underground planning to survey the new ice plug which me and Wassil dropped last Monday, survey Tasteful Noods and then explore the lead going N at bottom of entrance pitch. First finished bolting and rigging down near ice plug, names "Hig the plug" - Andreas drilling. Put in a second Y hang then dropped to ice - squeezed around but qucikly crapped out. Surveyed (but not to link in - need to redo to close the loop) then got out as very cold.

Insert rigging guide!!!

Surveyed tasteful noods (spanking new trade route and 2nd pitch courtesy of me, keiran and Mike with deviations galore) from station 14 at the top of ice tube, but again didn't bloody link into existing station.

Once done surveying, we went along the surveyed passage at bottom of entrance pitch to drop the unsurveyed pitch. Passage doubles back underneath with some nasty false floor but after another small pitch continues to glimpse a larger chamber with large boulders - needs another short pitch to get in but we were a bit done by this point. Will go back to survey and push into chamber to see where it links into - have left around 90m of rope.

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