Tunnocks - testing to Balkonhöhle Connection - Part Two

Fri 03 Aug 2018

Having been confused by the pitch that required to be raversed rather than descended, another (?) consulting other cavers, we returned the next day. The journey into the system was quickeras the route had now been rehearsed by the group. As the traverse was being re-rigged additional re-surveying was completed.

After pushing forward it was found that we did not have enough rope to to complete the pitch down into Icecock (even after de-rigging the traverse line).Unfortunately no cave description for this route existed, as such, the amount of rope required was unknown. Future trips should attempt to generate such notes for the interest of future trips.

Once again wew ran out of time, and this timerope. However the trip still provided additional survey results with accompanying elevations (sections).

On the return journey Ruairidh rigged the traverse line with 5 slings hooked one to another (in the interest of speed), however it was debated if this was in fact quicker.

A future trip would require more rope (greater than a 13m and 22m).

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