FGH - try to connect to HB

Tue 07 Aug 2018

[Wook:] Went over to Fishface to see if we could connect it to Happy Butterfly. Looked in right direction but didn't find anything very interesting - a bit of [squiggle] [squiggle] [squiggle] [squiggle] to known stuff.

[Ryan takes over writeup:] There was a hunting [?] [squiggle] potential lead, after some rambling to decide to [squiggle] a 'fishermans hole' on route to a rift choke ahead (there we had [squiggle] [squiggle] dear bits). The hole that we were interested in appeared to have been previously dropped - a hanger and bolt we insitu, even if slightly rusted. We dropped the pitch (20m?) into a large rift with a distinctive largesquare boulder wedged in the passage. Ryan [squiggle] the lead to the left; a rigt heading down which choked out, however when surveyed by Wook [squiggle] [squiggle] survey stations were found. Nevertheless they re-surveyed the passage.

The second pitch was drilled and better to drop a new pitch, again about 20m down to a false floor in the rift. After descending Wookey declared Ryan's gardening (the removal of loose and potentially dangerous rock) as [squiggle] and proceeded, assisted by Adam, to kick down the loose rock-garden.

At the bottom of the pitch we found leads in both directions, however decided to push down the rift (following the airflow). A traverse line was rigged across a ropey section of false floor which dropped down onto a larger pitch. Another test conducted by Adam measured the rockfall from topto [squiggle] impact as 2.1st~20m a distance we could not reach with the rope we had. We used the left-over rope to assist in rigging a Y-hang and setting bolts, however, did not push the mystery pitch. We left the pitches rigged. Afte Wookey [squiggle] the survey [squiggle] conducted throughout the trip to [squiggle] if the new passage connected (potentially) to the existing system or could be pointing in a new direction.

All in allthe trip was a [squiggle] learning experience for both Adam and Ryan to both survey technique, rigging, bolting and most importantly gardening!

T/U: ? hours

[Mongol Rally rigging guide here (Becka's handwriting?, in the written logbook moved back to this location in this online version]

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