FGH - 3rd time

Fri 03 Aug 2018
Michael Sargent

Returning to Fischgesicht for the 3rd time, quickly descended to the pushing front. Began by surveying large chamber leading to pitch. Rock fall down the pitch timed to 3.8 seconds.

Then set off to see which routes Adelaide, Typhon, and Manfred had surveyed the previous day. After following all their routes, we spotted a couple of ~100m linking passages had not been surveyed, so cleaned up all that. Continued to Eldritch Eyeholes chamber and knocked off a few leads to ends.

Similar story for Coconut Chamber, where 1 lead was surveyed back round to link to previous passage, 2 other A leads were also joined together 15m beyond the chamber (rift + small hole in wall). Small passage/rift ends as water falls from roof aven. Draft continues to come from small passage soon leads to rift which would require protection! Outcome of trip was a lot of tidying up work, consolidated into a few good leads. Time in 10:40, time out 20:40

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