Guten Morgen Höhle - trip #2

Mon 07 Aug 2017
Jacob Podesta

Elaine and I returned to GMH the following day to bolt the pitch and survey the cave as nothing had been surveyed past the entrance pitch so far. Below the 12m pitch at the end of the T-shaped rift (‘Waterfall Rift’) there were several horizontal leads. Down a short climb put us in a chamber with several routes leading off from it. On the right a short rift a short rift leads into a small chamber with drips coming from a small hole in the ceiling. Also on the right is a low crawl which reached a sandy junction and immediately crapped out beyond.

On the left from the chamber a fairly large section of walking passage continues past a hole in the floor to a junction, the left hand route leading to a drippy aven and a small stream which we did not follow (it was quite committing and damp) and the right hand route led to a promising little pitch. Because we had left the surveying gear at the top of the pitch, we turned back at this point and surveyed from the pitch head to the cave entrance. Just as we reached the choss slope, Haydon and Elliott arrived, having got fed up with the Organ Grinder. Elliott helped us survey the pitch while Haydon went to have a look at what we had found. Sketch Survey

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