FGH - below first pitch

Sun 06 Aug 2017
Aidan Marks

We descended the entrance series at around midday to investigate some leads found previously by Mike and Alice. Adam and I surveyed the main chamber and some side passages whilst Rob dropped a small pitch to the left hand side of the main chamber below the pitch.

Quick note from Rob: the passage is along the ‘windy tunnel’ as termed by Mike and Alice, and the pitch was rigged on naturals (I added a bolt on the next trip) as the drill battery died immediately when I was trying to drop a rift slightly further along the passage.

Aidan continued: Once we had finished surveying, Adam and I met Rob at the head of this small pitch, where he had identified several promising leads which we then surveyed. One lead arrived at a choked crawl, down a small climb; another lead produced a pitch with a promising potential traverse, which we left for another day due to the dearth of drill battery.

The final lead produced a long rift after a slightly dubious downclimb (which I nearly fell off), eventually leading to a stream flowing underneath the rift. We then headed out as Adam’s fingers were starting to become painful after his mishap at the lake, and reached the bivi before sunset.

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