Tunnocks - The Beast, trip #3

Wed 02 Aug 2017
Brendan Hall

(Katey and George failed to write trip reports of the first 2 trips, maybe they were both a bit distracted)

*What George said*

‘Who wants to go caving with me?’

*What George meant*

‘Who would like to come and sit at a pitch head while I bolt for over 3 hours 1.5 hours 2.5 hours?’

Having lost all enthusiasm for caving yet needing an excuse to stay at the Stone Bridge, I saw a golden opportunity to utilise the Brendan Cave Cinema SystemTM.

This device had previously been tested with great success in Balkonhöhle with Corin. We were able to watch the whole of Skyfall before ASH had finished rigging his pitch.

Diagram of Brendan Cave Cinema System in action at The Beast

Adam and I found a comfortable spot next to a window through which we could see/hear George rigging. I told George he would have to scream at least three times before I could be persuaded to leave the warmth and comfort of my cave cinema.

Adam and I watched the whole of Limitless and half of Focus before leaving to check on George (at around 5pm we heard flood pulses around the corner). George and I met at the pitch head to catch up. He had rigged to the bottom… it crapped out. But the good news was it ended next to another pitch [later termed ‘Not the Beast’] which had been rigged previously…

Diagram of The Beast and Not The Beast

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