107 - Derig

Thu 06 Aug 2015

We weren't quite sure how many tacklesacks derigging 107 would take, but almost certainly more than the number of deriggers available (3). So this might turn into a bit of a mission. Jenny set off first due to being an early bird and set off to go down to China and derig the Blown-Out connection rope, into the part-empty tacklesack at the bottom of the China rope, then head up the China pitch hoping for someone to turn up to relieve her of a baggie before it got ridiculous. Wook arrived as she was nearing the top of the pitch, so that worked OK, reporting that the other half of the cavalry (George) was still asleep when he left camp, but would hopefully get sunned out of his tent and turn up in another hour or so.

By the end of 'Too Bold' we already had two very full and heavy bags of rope, so set off up the rift carefully trying not to fall off and die. Fortunately we met George at the twin-pitches, so gave him a fat baggy to take out, and Wook followed, endeavouring to leave the bag such that he could get back and relieve jenny as soon as she had another full one. This team-bag-shuttling game actually worked rather well as Jenny derigged steadily and Wook and George went back and forth in ever-decreasing lengths of cave. There was no danger of being too cold!

In the end the 5 very full tacklesacks were all out by 3pm (~6hrs) which was about half the time Jenny had thought that it might take. So we had time to sort some stuff, take Wook and George's stuff from the 76 bivi and carry a load of heavy shit down the hill in time for dinner.

The only thing left rigged in the cave is one hanger and a 12m bit of rope on the window pitch immediately before Pushing The Envelope squeeze.

T/U: Jenny: 5.5 hrs
T/U: Wook: 4 hrs

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