107 - Old Route window, Wonderland

Wed 05 Aug 2015

This was to be our final trip before tomorrows derig. We set off first to the Ropeless/old Route window and turned right (like in 2013), but this time rather than dropping the pitch we dropped down slightly then traversed along 13-OR-3C. I placed another bolt and dropped down into a rift. Following left led to the inlet above the way the 1987 Route dropped the p67. Turning right we followed up and along to eventually reach a loose 45 degree slope down to a pitch. Couldn't safely reach the pitch head but rocks seemed to go a long way. There are a lot of different rifts in this bit of the cave, turnout this pitch is above the bouldery climb we were below on the 3rd. Surveyed and derigged this. Called Antigravity. Realised we didn't have all that long before our callout, so decided to head to Wonderland without the drill or rope.

Went down to the end first. Olly had noticed that if you poked your head to the right of the roof tube, a small passage headed off. After an awkward corner it was bigger - a mixture of crawling, walking and sideways wriggling. After a bit the route split, both looked small but probably doable. I encouraged Olly to follow and we surveyed it. Called this Effective team. Headed out with lots of gear, meeting Wookey and George at the entrance.

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