107 - Leads near coldest place on earth - Double Beep

Mon 27 Jul 2015

After a quiet night on my own at the 76 bivi the plan was to meet Wookey at the 107 entrance at 9am. Unfortunately, I didn't get the SMS teling me that he was going to wait until the rain eased off, so I spent nearly 2 hours sitting under the tarp - having the tarp and the rock shelf near thr entrance is an excellent idea.

Headed towards China wondering how far we'd get given the high water levels. The end of the easy traverse looked wet but passable. We suspectd the Too Bold would be too wet, so it seemed silly to get soaked now unnecessarily. Decided to look at something else. The first interesting lead we got to was 13-SL-6A in Coldest. Borrowed the rope from Coldest Place in Earth and Wookey went down with a natural and one bolt. The rope wasn't long enough to get all the way down but did land on a floor with a rifty passage heading off. After a couple of climbs down we lost the draught to a small floor trench on the left. Passage continued uphill and narrow until we could stand up again. We then reached a T-junction wth a howling gale (from L->R). Followed right in high rifty passage, traversing over a series of drops until a window over a pitch. Surveyed out, until we got too cold - went back to Coldest for food + more clothes for Wookey before finishing the survey. This is called Double Beep due to the exciting DistoX2 that beeps twice if you get the right answer (or at least a consistently wrong answer).

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