Tunnocks - pushing below Number of the Beast

Wed 22 Jul 2015

The objective of this trip was to clear the surveying backlog and continue the pitch from where David left off the day before. Wookey had misplaced his Pantin, and was thinking this was a particularly bad day to be without this device - so he was delighted to unearth it from the depths of his dangly bag at the watering hole near Caramel Catharsis.

Uneventful trip to the traverse at the last pitch from 2014 (Magic Glue) where we started the survey - Wookey on book, your narrator wielding the distoX and taking some low quality photos with my point-and-press camera. Tried to shoot a leg from the bottom of Magic Glue to the deviation krab which repeatedly failed. Attempts on the exit met a similar lack of success. So a tape measure will be taken on the next trip. The advice from Jenny is that shooting such a leg in the downward direction often meets with more success.

From the bottom we continued surveying the two drops rigged by David. The pitch heads were absolutely howling, and I didn't feel much like hanging around for ages taking multiple disto readings. Pitches are to be called "Inferno".

Arriving at the Y-hang installed by David, Wookey continued the rig by placing a bolt for an immediate deviation, a further bolt for a rebelay and a rebelay from a natural that looks more convincing from below. Pitch is ~30m and lands in a large chamber full of huge boulders covered in black mud - to be christened "Kraken". There is a large ridge of boulders in the middle that we climbed up. A rope will be needed to descend the other side, and a way on can be seen under a large arch in the far corner (QM-A). It is unclear whether there are any further pitches. Even though the passage is 30x15m is cross section, there is a discernible draught.

Completed the survey then headed out at no great pace but without incident.

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