Leads at the bottom of Champagne on Ice / Arctic Angle, Grike Expectation

Tue 19 Aug 2014

An early start saw us underground by half ten! (far too early). Heading down Champagne on Ice where Nat discovered that having a bag on your back can severely impede ones mobility (ie string you up on what should be an only slightly awkward pitch head). Once at the bottom (of the pitch down from Arctic Angle) Becka & Neil investigated a passage that went north (turning left after getting off the rope, it's a continuation of the pitch rift). Neil & Becka established a voice & light connection between this passage & another one which seemed to (well positioned lead for 2015!) run parallel.

After this we headed to No Choice at All; over Noel's traverse. Ipon arrival Rob proceeded to bolt the pitch down (continuing QMB) whilst Becka & Nat surveyed. Going up the ~8m bouldery climb a continuation of horizontal passage (QMA, seemed to draft well) was spotted (requires a ~10m climb) on the far side of a shaft. (This shaft links in with the partially bolted QMB which Rob rigged. This was derigged due to time constraints with Champagne on Ice & the entrance needing derigging. Neil derigged Champagne on Ice with various staging happening to ferry bags. Following this stomping occurred to reach Caramel Catharsis which was derigged by Nat (being encouraged by an eager Becka) Rob & Neil set off the entrance suitably loaded, whilst a less loaded Nat stayed reasonably close to Becka to take rope. At this point Nat fell asleep whilst waiting for Becka to derig upon awakening he was given a large yellow bag full of rope. It was said it hurt his balls. Becka & Nat continued out arriving at the surface around half one. After a happy walk back curry was consumed & everyone was happy. Went to bed at ~3am & then got Beckaed the following day at 9ish.

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    Leads at the bottom of Champagne on Ice / Arctic Angle, Grike Expectation