107 - derig

Wed 14 Aug 2013

Back to 107 to derig and look at a few leads. Collected bags and slowly brought them out derigging and drawing elevations as we went. At the bottom of the rift pitch I clambered and wriggled down the rift which got increasingly echoy. I got to a pitch down that looked like it belled out a lot. I didn’t have survey kit but estimate pitch is 20-25m deep and very interesting in its location relative to China. There is a lot of cave still to find here! Grade 1 surveyed back and continued to de-rig to the end of Sleepless. I bolted up into the roof tube. A couple of short climbs lead to a taller aven, which might be free climbable. Surveyed this and continued to derig and bag carry. We got all five bags of gear, plus survey kit through Pushing the Envelope. Too one bag out each to the entrance chamber.

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    2013#20 ['cave059', 'cave060']
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    Tunnocks, West Side Story – Bacm Bccm Afridi
    107 - derig
    Tunnocks, Downgrade Window