107 final derig – Wonderland survey

Thu 15 Aug 2013

Stuart rejoined us for the final derig. Got the gear to ropeless junction and had a quick side trip to show Stuart Wonderland and look at the roof tube there. Frustratingly after getting all the gear in, the fully charged, unused drill battery did half a hole. I suggested that Olly tried to lasso a spike as a belay which he diligently did after several attempts. Sadly the spike then came down the pitch, so the lead is still going… Finished derigging + hauled the 6 bags up the entrance pitch and carted them back to camp. There are a lot of great leads in 107 and possible connections with 101 and 76 still to be found. If only expo lasted longer.

Below is the rigging guide found in the logbook, but a beautiful PDF version can now be found here.
2013 rigging guide for 107

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    107 final derig – Wonderland survey
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