Tunnocks, West Side Story – Bacm Bccm Afridi

Wed 14 Aug 2013

This time hiltis were stashed in multiple locations and Clayton’s Cock-up was conquered. However the other side just led to a brief rocky bridge and more holes in a massive drafty hading rift. So instead we went down the first hole (Thus avoiding the nasty traverse). This proved to be p30 landing in a small chamber where a connection from another hoel from the rift also entered. Another shorter pitch followed where we landed on a ledge in the big hading rift. We had no more rope, but the rift and the cave continued. It takes some water, so a dry day is needed but definitely QMA. Going down!!

Derigged everything and String Theory on the way out as not many cavers left. String Theory bolts were all greased and reflectors placed on all but one (where 2 bolt y-hang very close together).

T/U: 10hrs

Rigging topo for Clayton's Cock-up

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    Tunnocks, West Side Story – Bacm Bccm Afridi
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