Climbs off Cat Flap

Mon 06 Aug 2012

This trip is recorded earlier, but some details of our bit are not covered, hence this addendum.

Holly & Emma had got up to shelf off Fat Cat as part of the great 'find KH' exercise and needed someone to shin up a climb. Apparently bottom was loose & would probably need a bolt. Holly considered this a handy opportunity to watch how bolting up climbs is done. In fact, although the move off the ground was tricky, no bolts were needed & Wook shinned easily to near the top. It would have been trivial but for the pile of boulders perched on the edge which comprised all the holds. Attempting to use them might bring the lot crashing down so a couple of bolts were now put in to enable climbing gingerly past. There was passage at the top (!) a climb up to another pitch & a traverse. Holly came up & put in her first 2 drill bolts to make a nice rig, then we surveyed the new bit. Couldn't go further due to lack of rope, but 15m disto shot across traverse deserved a return. Hometime by now, Holly & Olaf exited whilst Wook showed Rob how to put in a bolt to remove Fat Cat rub. Sudden noise of water at 8:30 pm told us it had thunderstormed, and we duly got rather wet on Brians PS, and despite spending 1 hr 45 shifting rocks in the pleasure dome in the hope that levels would reduce, still got wet on 1st half & soaked on 2nd half of King Carbide. Yuk! Tried to wedge a rock in spout of lower half & nearly got stuck upside down in hole whilst last in cave. Out @ 12:30

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