204 - Fat Cat pootle

Sat 04 Aug 2012

Popped down the hole to top of Fat Cat. Jess pointed me towards Emma's alternative hole, using backup of Fat Cat started on a quick pootle downhill. Realised quite quickly I'd been sandbagged into a hand bolting nightmare. No slings so cut end off rope to make one and head down in tight rift.

Ended in rift that opened, placed bolt and headed down. Some minor rubs that probably didn't damage the rope... Found a nice looking natural and destroyed it one hit. Didn't make the mistake a second time and cut end off rope to make a sling, arrived at sharp eyehole looking for deviation - Jess called down from Emma's 'actual' hole 'which was nice'. Lost confidence in rock after dinner-plate fell off, taking most of natural above. Need a 'Y' hang but not with hand bolts. Wish I had not lost drill bit at bivvy.

PS pitch heads back under and appears to connect to Fat Cat pitch.

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