Tunnocks - Procrastination Pot

Mon 15 Aug 2011
Noel Snape

After Holly and Emma left me at the top of 'Procrastination Pot' (still not descended to the bottom even though it was started in 2010). Initial traverse was followed by first decent of 18m to final bolt. I added a bolt to make a Y-hang, rigged short traverse and rebelay at a bouldery ledge about halfway down with a nice free-hang Y-hang placed just below. Pitch used 110m of rope approx. Large stream entered halfway down due to very wet weather, but hang avoided most water (except for a few 'drips' at the bottom). At the bottom and airy step over another pitch (QMA p15m) taking stream led to a bouldery chamber. Rift passage appears to continue at northern end (QMA p10) and a small chamber could be gained at East end via a 5m pitch (QMB p5m). Surveyed and de-rigged out to meet the girls near the top where we derigged to the top of String Theory. Excellent pitch.

Procrastination rigging guide

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