161- Beyond Mordor

Sat 13 Aug 2011
Emma Wilson

Down Mordor to QMA traverse lead at north that had been left by Wook, Cat and Adam from the previous day. Used 11m rope and good natural to get to bottom of breakdown pitch/ traverse/ chamber then clambered up the other side. Passages lead off both right and left. Olly and I took the left branch whilst Andrew and Julian went right (which didn't go far). Reasonable horizontal passage led to a traverse (needed rigging) into a chamber with lots of holes in the floor. Across the chamber led to a drippy pitch with possible horizontal continuation across pitch. This point is v.close to Fat Cat in 204, traverse across pitch looks fairly technical and hard - approx 10m or so across a wall with not so many features. Left as all leads needed rigging work and we were now ropeless and it was rather late (getting near 10pm). Headed out to good clear night. First time for me down KH - impressive.

Traverse Rigging guide

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    161 - Beyond Wookey's pitch, Mordor
    161- Beyond Mordor