Tunnocks - Thats the way to do it

Mon 15 Aug 2011
Holly Bradley

A last long-ish trip before the end of expo, resulted in a trip down to the 258-204 connection in order to give Emma a tour and start the derig. Had a fairly early start (11am!) and managed to miss the rain (Tunnocks was very drippy). String theory was a lot friendlier the second time round and then Noel showed Emma and Holly the top of Procrastination - which is where we left him. The two of us carried on down the the connection, which isn't quite as exciting the second time round! in fact it was a little sad, as after looking at the 204 survey for the Wares, I realised that the 'connection chamber' was in fact a chamber I had already been in on a previous 204 trip with Edvin and Kathryn (25-7-11) where we were following an A-lead. If only we'd gone for the B-lead!

After this brief tour, we made our way back to Procrastination with Emma derigging Ee Bah Gun and Pigeons in Flight. Thankfully we met Noel at the top of the pitch - we were both happy not to descent being told that the pitch was at least 80m! Noel derigged procrastination, which was followed by derigging String Theory. Emma and Holly carrying two bags each and Noel stuck with 'the Beast' (120m) and derigging of string theory. It was decided to then leave the rest of the derig for the following day and we all left with a bag each, leaving two at the top of S.T.

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