Tunnocks: Above and Beyond

Wed 10 Aug 2011
Noel Snape

We returned to Above and Beyond to have another look up Andy's climb and survey up. Is much easier now there is a rope on. At the top, a further Phreatic tube was spotted above, after a slightly hair-raising climb (1 bolt, no ets) a rope was rigged (p5 up) to gain a very draughty horizontal tube. Emma and Neil set about surveying whilst Gareth and I ran off to explore up 'Frontier Land' and 'Blackpool Sands' gained a side passage and the main passage ended at a pitch. Pitch dropped ('Ee Bah Gum') 20m into bottom of rift which appeared to continue in same direction as 'Blackpool Sands'. Another passage continued back under Blackpool Sands (walking passage). A quick look around then exit due to the surveyors having too much to catch up.

Mad Me to Ee bah Gum series rigging guide

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