Rigging 161g

Tue 02 Aug 2011

The plan was to rig into 161 as far as Repton, then push the roof tube in Repton left going by Wookey and Andrew A in 2009. However, after a very late start from the bivi this proved to be too ambitious. Took 200m of new 10mm with the intention of cutting it up as required as we went along. Olly christened his new drill by placing an extra re-belay bolt on the entrance pitch to split up the big hang - also put in a new bolt at the head of the short second pitch. By the time we got to the head of the knosses pitch call-out was looming, so Adrian and I headed out whilst Wookey tried to work out a sensible way to improve the rig, he eventually gave up and followed us out.

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