Tunnocks, Down String Theory - konnisberg - TenthousandBusStops

Tue 02 Aug 2011
Emma Wilson

Went down String Theory to have a look at how possible hand bolting rift pitch down West Side Story would be - decided it was more of a drill project. On way back towards String Theory met Gareth and Rob who had been planning to rig down Procrastination - the had managed to drop the drill bit, but Neil had a bit for through bolts so we swapped the hand bolting kit for a drill :-) and went down Konnisberg to the big chamber (above and beyond). Neil bolted pitch/ traverse at bottom end of chamber. After short pitch/ traverse dropped into sandy chamber with boulders. Got prematurely excited that we had found the connection to 204 when we saw loads of footprints - turned out to be the bottom of Pigeons in Flight. On the way back popped into a side passage on left (one way out) this led to a pitch (QMA). I made a "very" good job of learning and finding the way out. Good trip.

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    Tunnocks, Down String Theory - konnisberg - TenthousandBusStops
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