Canyoning - Disaster boys in the canyon of doom

Thu 06 Aug 2009
Julian Todd

Noel most keen on canyoning. Steve came too and got the best wetsuit leaving me with the 7 piece homemade. Gave lifts to Martin and Holly and 2 bikes to return via Ischl - Bla Alm canyon (Holly went up Loser too).

Changed at midday. Martin walked to tope with us and was able to translate memorial to youn digger driver on side of track. We found his wrecked digger far below in the middle of the canyon. There's also a prominent plaque at the head of the difficult double pot pitch to two dead canyoners in 2004. The water was not high, but it was fast flowing. Nearly drowned trying to get off inappropriate rack while Noel improvised a cowstails from a pull down cord and let the open tacklesack containing my SRT kit float over the waterfall and float round the swirl pool until the 2 plastic bottles slipped out and it sank without trace. We chained the rope (Noel didn't know how) to help with carrying, and tossed it to a person ahead at jumps until Steve missed his catch an that too sank without trace. Fortunately we didn't need it for rest or trip and got out after 3.5 hrs without our dignity. It was lucky Becka wasn't there.

Ian writes...

3.5hrs to lose a new tacklesack, 2 ropes and a set of prusiking gear! Good going!

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    Canyoning - Disaster boys in the canyon of doom