204 - Merry Fucking Christmas

Wed 22 Jul 2009
Emma Wilson

Rigged down 204 A from the bottom of the 1st pitch. Snow levels were high and a large annoying snow plug at the bottom of the 1st pitch blocked the usual route down the 2nd pitch. Had to go down the high snow route through Stitch this. Through wolpertinger way to Merry Fucking Christmas crawl, which is about 30m and was less enjoyable for some. Then rigged down No bits and Hammer and Thong. Becka managed to find a rebelay bolt and so managed to rig a better hang than expected. Then through pussyprance, rigging down and doing some rebolting.

Managed to rig a good floor level traverse line :) Climbed down to previous years pushing front - climb wasn't great and needs bolting and rigging as a pitch. Put in a couple of bolts at the top of undescended pitch but had run out of rope so no pushingg but cave is now rigged down to there (the pitch to replace the climb needs putting in).

[rigging guide]

T/U: 8.5-10 hours

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