Tunnocks - 07-62A and 07-61A

Wed 30 Jul 2008

Got the final spits into the two traverses and back to 07-62A. Ollie rigged a pretty 5 or 6 spit traverse over to 07-61A whilst I hand-bolted spits for the next pitch down 07-62A which is a spectacular pitch - huge, curtain-like walls of rock in a massive canyon. Pete, Edvin and Steve turned up just as Ollie finished the traverse. Surveyed across and Ollie had a quick look ahead and whooped that it was the biggest chamber he had seen. It looked more like a series of pitches with a dodgey ledge along the left to me but we managed to get across and spotted Pete, Edvin and Steve's light from by the start of the traverse beyond Ykeykey Beach confirming the connection (maybe could close the loop with a disto?). Tried to survey the mess of aven and pitches. Ollie insisted on freeclimbing down to one section. He came straight back up, "OK, I know I can reverse it now." "Ah, jolly good..." After we had exhausted all the leads I was willing to climb to we went back down the 07-62A pitch and Ollie tried to rig down the next pitch but the rock was crap and his spit cratered and he got fed up so we gave up and came home. Left the drill at starfish junction and met Frank, Serena and Olly Madge ticking QMCs in the upper levels.

Tunnocks rigging - extra info from 2008

A. Entrance 1) 28m? 2) 28m 3) 80m? (NB needs 2 slings for long Y hang so can clip in).

B. First traverse, 15m? Two spits at start, two spits mid traverse and two spits at end. All in roof/top R wall.

C. Small pitch - spit + 50-50 natural block and sling

D. Big traverse above Caramel Catharsis - 70m? Probably better to take shorter ropes so can get length correct. Mostly now rigged on spits but needs 3 slings. Starts natural-spit-spit-spit then start of traverse proper then ?spit+natural(sling) and spit + natural (sling) low where stone monkey goes off then spit + ?spit? + 2 slings around natural then 2 spits (last one a clown for pitch).

E. Delicious leak - natural then 2 spits then spit over pitch down the roomy ledge with 2 spits on ledge then spit at top and spit 2m down. 35m rope gets to roomy ledge.

F. Delicious leak traverse - 20m? About 8 spits.

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